Short-Term Care

Short Term Care

What is Short-Term Care Insurance?

Short-Term care Insurance (STCI) is the nation’s best-kept insurance secret, unfortunately. The product is not new—it has been available for over twenty years—but, it has been ignored, while most of the nation’s emphasis has been on Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCI). But, what do we have for people whose needs are not great enough for LTCI? Or, for those who simply cannot afford LTCI?

Short-Term Care Insurance is an affordable way for your clients to have health insurance for a period usually less than 12 months. This product is a good one to have on hand for those unique cases that might arise.

Short-Term Care Insurance is a great product to have as an agent for those unique cases or for potential clients you meet that might think they do not need insurance. This is an affordable plan to offer to those clients. It is also an easily managed block of business. This way, you can keep clients on the books until they are ready for a long-term plan.

Benefits of Short-Term Care Insurance:

  • Different time lengths of plans available
  • More affordable than a long-term plan
  • Helps cover different health debt that Medicare does not
  • Skilled nursing facility & assisted living facility coverage
  • One-Time restoration of lifetime maximum benefit period
  • Issued ages can vary from plan to plan, but plans are available for 18-82 years old