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Why All Insurance Agents Should Sell Health and Ancillary Products

Are you looking for ways to do more business and strengthen your relationships with clients? Selling ancillary products is a great way to accomplish both of these goals. They can enhance your clients’ benefits and help you retain valued customers.

There are plenty of businesses that still aren’t offering their employees insurance coverage outside of their standard health insurance. Some are trying to cut costs, but some just don’t know enough about them. As an agent, you can educate your clients and help them find what is best for their business and their employees.

Keep reading for just a few reasons why we think all insurance agents should take advantage of this easily accessible market and sell ancillary insurance products.

Ancillary products are coverage options offered in addition to the main insurance you’ve sold to a client. Often, health coverage is the primary plan you’ve helped the client obtain. Dental and life insurance are examples of common ancillary products sold in addition to health insurance.

Ancillary insurance products are the same as supplemental insurance products and are used to supplement existing benefits. Ancillary insurance is a common product agents use when cross-selling Medicare or Group Benefits.

It’s relatively easy to make the additional sale because you’ve already completed a previous sale with your client. You’ve built a relationship with these clients, now you need to pinpoint their problems, or the gaps in their coverage, and present ancillary products as the solution.

Other than being a fairly simple add on, there are plenty of reasons you should be selling ancillary products. In short, ancillary products benefit your clients and they benefit you.

  • Strong relationships: Building strong relationships is great for both you and your client. It’s particularly good for your clients because when you have a connection with them, there’s a sense of mutual trust. They can rely on you to have their best interest in mind, which means they’ll keep coming back to you.
  • Employee retention: Ancillary insurance is also great for your client’s employee retention. Many people these days are looking for more than just health insurance and a good-paying job from an employer. They not only want the 401(k) and the PTO, they also want insurance coverage that’s going to supplement what they’re not getting from health insurance. The better the benefits the happier employees will be and the longer they are likely to stay at that company. Happier employees can often mean more productive employees, as well.
  • Lower medical premiums: The great thing about bundling in any industry is the chance to save money. Many insurance providers give incentives to groups who add ancillary coverage to their medical plans. This may include a lower cost for premiums.