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Pivot Health: Updates on Agent Quote and Enrollment Platform

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Agent Portal

Broker Portal

  • Once you have clients enrolled in a Pivot Health short term policy you can log into the Agent Portal
  • Register
  • You will need your Pivot Health Agent writing number (65245)
  • Once you register you will receive an email with a link to the agent portal to login in with a temporary password
  • After you are logged into the agent portal, you can review your cases’ effective date, expiration date, premium amount and plan information
Contact Number(s)

Training Resources: 

Robin Depenbrock:  (866) 566-6404,  robin.depenbrock@pivothealth.com

Broker Account Executive:

Todd Greene: (727) 408-7430,  todd.greene@pivothealth.com

Client Support: 

Allied National Client Services: (844) 630-7500, clientservices@alliednational.com

Agent Support for client claims, billing  or commission questions:

Allied National Client Services: (844) 630-7500 agentsfirst@alliednational.com

Nothing yet but check back soon!

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You make changes in your life, and Pivot Health is right there with you, moving in any direction you need to go. From health insurance products that fill a need in the short term, to alternative fixed indemnity benefits that eliminate high deductibles, to supplemental insurance products that help you better afford your healthcare, Pivot Health allows you to transition through any stage and not be caught without health insurance coverage or suddenly facing large medical bills.

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