Ask Integrity is LIVE

September 18, 2023

Osborn Insurance Group

Ask Integrity is a first-in-the-industry, AI-powered digital assistant for agents and is


Ask Integrity is the perfect feature for agents who are looking to create better client relationships that last. It combines data analysis with powerful intelligence and delivers it on-demand through MedicareCENTER and the Mobile App. Ask Integrity is game-changing and it’s FREE for registered users.

Ask Integrity offers:

  • Client Information Summaries to help agents know every client better, no matter how long they have worked together.
  • Call Summaries to easily review previous meetings and help agents prepare for the next client interaction.
  • In-the-moment AI Prompts like Specialist Recommendations personalized to client history and preferences, so agents can find the right plan for each situation.
  • Secure Client Data Storage that gives agents and their clients peace of mind.