Medico by Wellabe’s Quarter 3 Incentive

Heat Up Your Sales This Summer with Medico Medicare Supplement Applications

Agents can earn big with Medicare Supplement Applications written between July 1, 2023 and September 30, 2023.

How to Qualify

  1. Qualify with five approved and taken policies.
  2. Any combination of Underwritten and Open Enrollment/Guaranteed Issue/ Special Enrollment Period.
  3. Policies must be effective by November 1, 2023.
  4. Policies must be approved before payout to be eligible.

After a minimum of five approved and taken applications, agents will receive:

  • $125 for each Medicare Supplement Underwritten application.
  • $25 for each Open Enrollment, Guaranteed Issue, or Special Enrollment Period Medicare Supplement application.

Please Note

  • Incentive payouts will occur in the next semi-monthly commission payment following qualification.
  • Policies must be approved before the payout to be eligible. Chargeback will be assessed on any policy that does not become effective.
  • Applications must be dated between July 1, 2023, and September 30, 2023. Effective dates for all must be no later than November 1, 2023.