Mutual of Omaha’s Broker Experience Improvements

You Spoke, Mutual of Omaha Listened.

Please be sure to take advantage of these enhancements:

  • Book of Business Download
    • You are now able to download information on all your clients (DI and PDP pending) with a simple click of the button.  This makes working with and serving your clients easier and more efficient.  
  • New e-App Storefront
    • MOO delivered on a brand-new e-application experience that allows you to seamlessly apply for Medicare supplement, Dental/Vision, and Prescription Drug Plan without ever having to leave the system or re-enter information. Producers now have the ability to set up split commissions in the e-application storefront.
  • Auto-Decision Underwriting
    • MOO continues to increase the percentage of underwritten e-applications that can receive an underwriting decision within three minutes, now over 70%.  
      MOO anticipates this to continue to get higher with even more cases getting an issued decision because of the technological and underwriting decision enhancements in which we have invested. 
  • Dental Enhancements
    • In 30 states (more to come in October) MOO released enhancements to their dental portfolio that increased their annual max to $5,000 and added a 20% coinsurance benefit for major services on day 1 (50% after year 1).
  • Competitive Rates
    • MOO’s rates remain some of the most competitive and stable in the industry.  MOO released new rates this year in Ohio, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Colorado, New Hampshire, and Delaware on top of the several states released late in 2022, to include Texas and Missouri.  
  • Enhanced Broker Bonus
    • In September and running through the remainder of the year MOO has enhanced their Broker Bonus program to include cash payments of up to $250 on fully underwritten applications. This puts more money in your pocket during the largest selling portion of the season!