Aetna’s 2023 AEP Health Risk Assessment Incentive

September 27, 2022

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Help Your Clients Engage with Their Aetna Medicare Plan Early

What is a health risk assessment?

A health risk assessment (HRA) helps gather health-related insights about Aetna Medicare enrollees. As an added service to your clients, you can help them complete a health risk assessment after enrolling them in an Aetna Medicare plan through the Think Agent tool. When you do, you will earn an additional administration fee for you help.

When can you complete an health risk assessment?

The health risk assessment option is available though the Think Agent took, for all new enrollments into Aetna MA/MAPD plans, excluding some D-SNPs.

How much extra can you earn?

You can earn a $70 administration fee for completing the health risk assessment with MA/MAPD enrollments.

You can ALSO earn a $110 administration fee for completing the health risk assessment with eligible D-SNP enrollments. (HRA is not available with D-SNPs in some states.)

What you need to know about HRA administration fees

You will receive your fees as part of your regular commission payment.

IMPORTANT: The administration fee will be paid to the same entity that is listed on your Aetna contract. Your payment will be included on your commission statement available through Producer World.

How does it work?

First, you will enroll your client in a plan through Think Agent.

After you submit the enrollment and before you close the application, you will initiate the HRA. (Note: The HRA is not available with some D-SNPs.)

Next, you will invite your client to participate in the HRA. Your clients will have 2 options:

Broker-enabled HRA — You will ask your client questions to complete the HRA.

Decline — Or your client can opt out of the call.

If your client chooses the broker-enabled HRA and completes the health survey, you will earn an administration fee.