Anthem Voice Signature Access Code

April 16, 2020

Anthem, Sales Technique

Below is your Voice Signature Access code for your brokers.


This new tool used in connection with our existing suite of broker tools like mProducer and our D-SNP Validation Tool can speed up application processing and productivity.  Anthem Voice Signature replaces the previous tool known as Voice Vault.   Anthem Voice Signature is user-friendly and much faster, making it  a better experience for you, your clients and agents. 

Attached are the Voice Signature Script, Presentation and a Quick Reference Guide.

Your downline agents received an email invitation encouraging them to register for a webinar where they will learn how to access and use Anthem Voice Signature.

       Agents who attended the webinar will receive an email containing your FMO Access Code.  They will use this Access Code to access and use our new Anthem Voice Signature tool.  By simply using a toll free number, your agents will now be able to accept Voice Signature and Scope of Appointments!

       We will send a follow-up email to agents who registered for training but did not attend.  This email contains a link to an on-demand recording of the training.  Agents are encouraged to access the recorded training so they can gain access to the new tool. 

       Your agency will have access to the administrative component of the tool.  In the coming weeks we will give you information about the tool.  The administrative component contains information about agent usage and access to recordings of the phone calls. Your downline agents will NOT have access to your administrative portion of the tool, as the agency will maintain control of the password.

Thank you for your support!  We are hopeful this new tool will help your agents to continue to be successful during these uncertain times.