Humana Streamline your sales process before AEP

               Get resources to streamline your sales process

Selling season is almost in full swing. By now, you should be ready to dive in and bring human care to your clients. Find helpful resources on Your AEP 2022 Journey page and take the following steps to prepare for AEP in October.


Check out the Marketing

Resource Center

With pre-approved and customizable marketing materials, the Marketing Resource Center (MRC) helps you compliantly grow your Book of Business — while looking like a pro marketer.

Keep plenty of point-of-sale

materials on-hand

To build the foundation for a successful sale, order printed materials that help you provide the services that may matter most to your clients. This year, sales materials are available in 20 different languages.

Order a limited number of free materials through ADP.

Materials should arrive within 5–8 business day

Order local marketing materials and items on the MRC or download and print them yourself.

Watch this video to learn how to use the sales materials that are 
available to you.

Improve member satisfaction

and drive retention

With AEP only a few days away, it’s time to meet members where they are in their health journeys. That means identifying their needs and then finding solutions to meet those needs.

When enrolling members, provide personalized support and ask if they would like to complete the optional Member Care Assessment (MCA) survey. Take the required training and read more in Humana’s Member Care Assessment and You: What You Need to Know.

Receive the right AEP support

You’ll need support during your busiest time of year. And Humana is here to help. Visit Ignite to find all your AEP resources in one place, so you can concentrate on getting people access to the care they may need.