Know your COVID-19 treatment options

Get tested if you have COVID-19 symptoms.
Treatment may help reduce symptoms.

Each day, more and more Americans are getting vaccinated across the country and gaining protection from getting sick from COVID-19. However, if you’re not vaccinated yet and test positive for COVID-19 with mild to moderate symptoms, there’s a treatment option that may help: monoclonal antibody treatments.

For higher risk patients, like those 65 or older, or with certain health conditions, these treatments can fight the disease and avoid hospitalization.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, get tested as soon as possible — monoclonal antibodies must be given within 10 days of the onset of symptoms.

Monoclonal antibodies provide temporary antibodies to help fight COVID-19. The FDA approved this treatment for emergency use, and it’s the only approved outpatient treatment currently available. Monoclonal antibody treatment may reduce your likelihood of being hospitalized and keep you from getting more severe symptoms. Learn more about monoclonal antibody treatments, and talk to your doctor or healthcare provider to see if this treatment option is right for you.

Remember: Medicare covers tests to diagnose COVID-19, monoclonal antibody treatments, and COVID-19 vaccines — so there’s no cost to you.