Marketplace Training for Agents

The full Plan Year 2022 Marketplace registration and training is now available for new agents and brokers and those returning who didn’t complete Marketplace training for Plan Year 2021! The SHOP agreement and optional SHOP training are also available. Returning agents and brokers may disregard this message if they have already completed registration and training for Plan Year 2022.

If you are a new agent or broker who does not already have a CMS Enterprise Portal Account, follow these steps to create a CMS Enterprise Portal Account and your agent/broker profile on the Marketplace Learning Management System (MLMS):

  1. Create a CMS Enterprise Portal Account at
  2. Request the Agent Broker Training Access Role
  3. Complete remote identity proofing through the Identity Management (IDM) System
  4. Complete your agent/broker profile on the MLMS via the CMS Enterprise Portal at

All agents and brokers should follow these steps to complete Plan Year 2022 registration and training after they have completed the above steps:

  1. Log in to the CMS Enterprise Portal at
  2. Update your information on your MLMS agent/broker profile
  3. Complete the Marketplace training requirement
  4. Read and accept the applicable Marketplace Agreement(s)
  5. Print your 2022 Registration Completion Certificate
  6. Confirm your registration by using the Registration Completion List

Throughout the registration process, you can use the Marketplace Registration Tracker to track your progress.

For Plan Year 2022, training is not available through America’s Health Insurance Plans, Inc.

We strongly encourage you to complete registration and training as soon as possible to ensure you can successfully complete the process, which includes validation of your National Producer Number (NPN), before Open Enrollment starts on November 1. Don’t delay – complete Marketplace registration and training today!

Once you complete your Marketplace registration, training and agreements, you can take the Help On Demand training in the MLMS to participate in Help On Demand! If you actively participated in Help On Demand during past years, you are not required to retake Help On Demand training. Your account will remain active as long as you complete Marketplace training and registration for next year. However, if you failed to consistently accept referrals, you may be required to retake Help On Demand training.

Click here to learn more about how to participate in Help On Demand.

If you are a returning agent or broker and completed training and registration for Plan Year 2021, you have the option to complete the full training for Plan Year 2022.

Have questions about Marketplace registration and training? Check out: