Medica Information and resources about COVID-19 vaccines

December 29, 2020

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Information and resources about COVID-19 vaccines

COVID-19 vaccines are on their way and we’re both encouraged and hopeful that the world will soon be turning a corner. There is an abundance of public health information about the availability, safety and effectiveness of the vaccines. At Medica, we’ll respond as quickly as we can to questions about the vaccines and will continue to share information with you as we learn more.

The Medica COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ will give you answers to several anticipated questions. It may be a helpful resource to use as you develop your own employee communication plans. We encourage you to visit for up-to-date information as well as the following websites.

Medica will share information about vaccines on our web and social media pages. We recently launched a Facebook campaign to urge our followers to follow safety guidelines, including wearing a mask.

While our initial focus is on slowing the spread of the virus, we will expand our messaging as the pandemic evolves. For example, a future series of posts will address questions and concerns people may have about vaccines and the vaccine distribution process.

We’re trying to reach as many people as we can with these messages, and we know that many of you, our customers and broker partners, also have a reach on social media channels. Access our social media campaign for helpful tools to help with your own messaging: COVID-19 social posts for employers and brokers.

Thanks for your support in helping to inform your employees, colleagues and communities about the simple things we can do to keep everyone safe as we wait for the vaccine.