Mutual of Omaha’s Med Supp Bonus Program

Earn a cash bonus when you write MOO Medicare Supplement product from

January 1st to June 30th, 2023.

Qualifying Business

You need a minimum of five Medicare Supplement policies issued in a month. Your policies that count toward the minimum can be:

  • Those from any state
  • All Plans MOO offered in any state
  • Underwritten, Open Enrollment, and Guaranteed Issue


Whereas the criteria is broad to help you meet the monthly five-policy minimum, the bonus pays:

  • For Plans F, G, and N in the states listed on the flyer
    • $150 per issued underwritten policy
      • Includes internal and affiliate conversions, except in North Carolina
    • $30 per issued policy for Open Enrollment Business
      • Excludes internal and affiliate conversions

Please Note:

  • Excludes all Guaranteed issue and under age-65 business
  • Internal and affiliate conversions on underwritten business are eligible for payment only when the original writing agent submits the application
  • Policy must be in force at the time payment occurs
  • Payment is based on the month in which the policy took effect.