Notes on Restructuring of the NAIFA Federation

July 15, 2018

Dear NAIFA Missouri Members:

Since the passage of the By-laws amendment at the NAIFA National Conference in Washington, DC in May of this year there have been many questions and concerns about the actual implementation and effect on the locals and their members.  We will attempt to answer some of the questions, but realize that NAIFA National is developing an actual Implementation Strategy which will include guidelines as we all move forward.  Here is what we know so far:

  1. The local structure will change in that only those locals with memberships of over 200 members will automatically be recognized as a NAIFA local…if they wish to. This would be effective 1/1/2019. Those locals with membership over 100 and less than 200 may petition their state to remain an active local. The implementation process will set out the necessary requirements for these locals to remain locals.  Those current locals with membership below 100 will then be considered affiliates.  The burdens of having local officers, filings of tax forms, and maintaining adequate Directors and Officers Liability insurance will be lifted and transferred to the state. In return these affiliates will no longer have the responsibilities of managing a non-profit organization, but may continue their regularly scheduled meetings (minimum of 2 per year), education, charitable and community service projects.  They will put a budget together and submit to the state.
  2. Any locals which will now be considered affiliates may transfer their current assets to the state for their own designated line-item.  These dollars then will be available through their budget process to the affiliate to use for their meetings, education, charitable and community service projects.
  3. The dues structure will be uniform across the federation. Annual dues will be $660 (as it stands now).  If there is an active local as defined above they will receive 20% of the national dues and the state will receive 20%. For all affiliates, the state will receive 40% of national dues. The affiliate will be able to budget up to 50% of what the state receives to use for programs for their members.
  4. NAIFA National has created an implementation guidebook which will give all of us help as we work through this process. Visit NAIFA 20/20 Implementation Handbook We are aiming for a 1/1/2019 date to go live.
  5. It was presented, voted, and approved at the recent NAIFA-MO annual meeting to maintain the current slate of officers until 1/1/2019 when new officers and board members will be seated. This will coincide with the change to a calendar fiscal year.

As additional information becomes available we will continue to keep you posted. 

Thank you for your service to the NAIFA federation and our great industry.

Rick Hemphill, President, NAIFA-MO

Ed Anderson, National Committeeman, NAIFA-MO

Jennifer Hodges, President-Elect, NAIFA-MO