Accident coverage

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What is Accident Coverage Insurance?

With everyday activities, your client might not realize that their insurance does not cover everything that comes with medical expenses. That is where accident coverage can come in hand. If your client’s child were to break their arm during football or dance practice, your client may discover that some of those expenses are not 100% covered by regular insurance, such as some of the X-rays needed or an ambulance trip. However, accident coverage can take the burden away from those extra expenses. This a product that is usually good for clients that have active kids or if they are active themselves with somewhat dangerous activities.

The amount your client receives depends on the injury or accident they have, also has to do with the treatment they will received. It is usually a set amount for different covered injuries or care. There usually is no lifetime amount or maximum payout.

The amount of the accident plan will be paid in one lump-sum payment at the end of the accident to pay for the bills of the accident.

The GTL Accident plan is done monthly and it can differ for family or single person. Monthly for a single person it can range from $22-$48. Monthly for a family it can range from $40-$104.