Rewriting the words brokers should be using to win clients

by Sam Boyer

It could be that you’re talking to your potential clients all wrong, that what you’re saying is turning them off rather than securing that deal.

Maybe you have a tried and true script you work off. Certainly there are insurance buzzwords you use time and time again…
Well, it may be time to re-evaluate the way you’re talking, particularly when it comes to high net-worth individuals. In fact, stop calling them that – they don’t like it.

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That, anyway, is the research coming out of Chubb. The insurer, known for its coverage of affluent clientele, has recently conducted research into the marketing language these customers respond to during insurance sales pitches.

So, don’t call them “affluent” or “high net-worth”. Instead, call them “successful” or “accomplished.”

Don’t use “risks and exposures”, talk about “protection.”

Don’t talk about “loss.” Say “if something happens.”

These examples may seem obvious, but they’re… Read more…