UnitedHealthcare Underwriting Process Update for AARP Medicare Supplement Plans

In case you missed it, there are some exciting updates to the real-time Underwriting process for AARP® Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans from UnitedHealthcare®!

The newest advancements mean you may see more decisions and more information on an application submitted via LEAN.

Fast Results With More Information
You wanted to see more enrollment application details and now you can.

In addition to seeing Accepted and Pending decisions, the latest updates mean you may also see:
• a Denied decision
• Acceptance at a Level 2 Rate and the premium rate

And There’s Even More!
In many cases, even more information will display to show the reasoning behind the Level 2 Rate decision or Denied decision.

To experience this new enhancement, simply use Express Security Question or Electronic Signature options in LEAN.

Don’t forget, you can view an application’s status anytime within Jarvis. Simply log in, then navigate to Enrollment > Application Status.

Look for more real-time Underwriting improvements coming in 2023!