WellCare: Let’s Finish AEP Strong!

WellCare: Let’s Finish AEP Strong!

Attention Valued Partner,

This year has certainly changed the way we go about lives, interact with others, and how we all do business. To help meet the need Wellcare wants to remind you of how they have changed their business to help you. With less than one month until the close of AEP, they wanted to provide some helpful reminders and tips for finishing this AEP strong:

Skip the trip and meet with more beneficiaries, virtually!

Ascend – Send for Signature:

Send for Signature is quicker than other paperless enrollment options. Simply enter a valid email address for your beneficiary, begin to fill out the application, and send to the beneficiary for completion.

Click here to download the Send for Signature Quick Start Guide.

The quick start guide shows the few short steps to access the Send for Signature feature in Ascend.

Ascend – Enroll by Phone or Video Chat:

Ascend makes enrollments even easier by allowing any broker to complete a compliant enrollment by phone! In addition, the Ascend Mobile App can be used to complete an enrollment by video chat!

Click here to download the Ascend RATE Quick Start Guide.

Click here to download the Ascend Video Enrollment Guide.

To obtain your own RATE number please contact your local sales leader or call the Broker Support line: (866) 822-1339. The Ascend help desk cannot provide you with a RATE telephone number.

Enrollment by Phone:

Don’t forget about our telephonic enrollment option. It is a compliant way to capture the Scope of Appointment and complete an enrollment application without needing to be face-to-face.

A Scope of Appointment (SOA) is required and the AVL code will be recorded by the call center representative.

If the member has Medicaid or LIS, be sure to call the SPOP line to verify eligibility.

The following items will be needed when conducting the enrollment phone call with the beneficiary and call center representative: AVL code, plan name, plan effective date, beneficiary’s date of birth, Special Election Period (SEP) being used on application, Medicare Beneficiary ID# (MBI) (from Medicare’s red, white, blue card), part A effective date, part B effective date

You must remain on the line for the entire enrollment application call.

Click here to review the original Temporary Telephonic Enrollment Option communication.

DocuSign Paperless Enrollment Benefits – WellCare Health Plans Only!

Captures a compliant Scope of Appointment and enrollment application without direct contact

Ensures that both beneficiary and broker are maintaining social distancing guidelines

Allows those that we serve to make healthcare decisions while staying safe

Allows brokers to continue to serve the as a trusted advisor in their communities

Click here for more information.

Need to look up an MBI?

CMS has provided a Medicare Beneficiary Identification Number (MBI) lookup tool to support beneficiary enrollments. As a certified broker you can now call the SPOP (Special Populations Line) – (866) 211-0544 to lookup an MBI.

SPOP can search with the following criteria:

First name (or first letter of first name)

Last name (or first six (6) letters for last names longer than six letters)

Date of birth

HICN, or beneficiary’s Social Security number, or a portion of the MBI (minimum of three (3) characters)

Note: All of the above criteria are required to search for a MBI.

Request for Information (RFI):

As a reminder, Request for Information (RFI) status occurs when a submitted application is either incomplete or contains incorrect information and cannot be processed.

Viewing Applications with RFIs:

The Application Search Tool can be used to track submitted applications, including RFIs. Simply, follow these steps: Click here for the Single Sign-On Portal Setup Guide.

Access your Single Sign-on Portal (SSO)

Select Agent Connect

Select Agent History (from the left-hand menu)

Select Application Search Tool (from the left-hand menu).

All applications will be displayed.

In the Application Status drop-down, select RFI, then Search.

To help identify the specific applications that require corrections, applications can be sorted by RFI Description, Application Status, or Signature Date.

Resolving an RFI:

You can call and resolve the RFI on behalf of the beneficiary by calling Broker Support at (866) 822-1339 and selecting the RFI option.

You can also submit an Agent Connect Ticket to Sales Support

Important! Please be prepared to provide the following information when resolving an RFI:

Beneficiary Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI)

Broker ID

Beneficiary first/last name

Beneficiary DOB

As always, we appreciate your partnership.

WellCare is a wholly owned subsidiary of Centene Corporation.