WellCare: You did It! AEP is Complete!

  Hello! WellCare: You did It! AEP is Complete!

You did it! AEP is complete!

Please keep scrolling for some helpful information.

AEP Application Submission Deadline:

Are all of your enrollment applications submitted and in process?

Be sure to reconcile your enrollment applications submitted against your Application Search Tool in Agent Connect. Click here to access Agent Connect through Single Sign-On.

Any applications not already submitted should be submitted immediately.

Important Dates and Timelines:

  • All enrollment applications should be submitted within 48 hours of receiving member’s signature.
  • Click here for fax numbers and other Application & Enrollment Tools.
  • All AEP applications must have been completed, signed by the member and agent, and received by the agent before end of the day, Monday, December 7, 2020.

WellCare Premium Withholding Option – Coupon Books

Members who enroll in a health plan with a monthly premium can choose to have premiums withheld from their monthly Social Security Administration (SSA) or Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) payments or pay their premiums directly from their bank account using electronic funds transfer (EFT).

Please review these important notes for WellCare health plans.

Important Notes:

  • When one of these premium withholding options (PWO) is chosen AND is in a pending status, the member will receive a coupon book.
  • The coupon book should be used to make monthly premium payments until their PWO is confirmed.
  • The member will receive a letter confirming when SSA/RRB is approved, or if it has been rejected. Note: Not all members are eligible for this deduction. Requests are submitted to CMS for approval and delays are common between submission to CMS and when the responses are received.
  • Once the member receives confirmation their PWO has been approved, they no longer need to use the coupon book to send in monthly premium payments.
  • New enrollees who requested the SSA/RRB deduction on applications fully processed before 12/5 will likely have their PWO confirmed and effective for 1/1/2021.
  • January premiums are due on 1/20/2021. Members with pending SSA/RRB requests should not send direct payments until mid-January.
  • Members may review the status of their payment method selection in the secure member portal, under “Pay Your Premium”.
  • Once SSA/RRB is approved all premiums due from the effective date forward will be deducted and sent to us by SSA. Sometimes the deductions are not immediate but SSA/RRB will deduct premiums for the effective date. For example, if SSA is effective 1/1/2021 the January payment will be deducted but the deduction may not occur until February or March.

Request for Information (RFI):

As a reminder, Request for Information (RFI) status occurs when a submitted application is either incomplete or contains incorrect information and cannot be processed.

Important Note: All RFIs must be completed no later than 21 days after date of application, or the application will be denied

Viewing Applications with RFIs:

The Application Search Tool can be used to track submitted applications, including RFIs. Simply, follow these steps: Click here for the Single Sign-On Portal Setup Guide.

 1. Access your Single Sign-on Portal (SSO)

 2. Select Agent Connect

 3. Select Agent History (from the left hand menu)

 4. Select Application Search Tool (from the left hand menu).

All applications will be displayed.

  • In the Application Status drop-down, select RFI, then Search.

To help identify the specific applications that require corrections, applications can be sorted by RFI Description, Application Status, or Signature Date.

Resolving an RFI:

  • You can call and resolve the RFI on behalf of the beneficiary by calling our Agent Support at 417-869-6464 and selecting the RFI option.
  • You can also submit an Agent Connect Ticket to Sales Support

Important! Please be prepared to provide the following information when resolving an RFI:

  • Beneficiary Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI)
  • Broker ID
  • Beneficiary first/last name
  • Beneficiary DOB

As always, we appreciate your partnership.

WellCare is a wholly owned subsidiary of Centene Corporation.